CONGRESS: Remove Brenda Snipes from Supervising the Broward County, FL Vote Count

Broward County, Florida election supervisor Brenda Snipes has had a long history of both criminal activity and incompetent behavior when it comes to her function of overseeing vote counts.

As reported in the Sun Sentinel, in 2016 Brenda Snipes ordered the Canova-Wasserman Schultz ballots destroyed 12 months after the election, even though federal and state laws require preservation for 22 months. Snipes did so even though a lawsuit over the ballots was pending. She called it a mistake.

May 2018, Circuit Court Judge Raag Singhal found Snipes guilty of breaking both state and federal law, yet Snipes still managed to preside over the 2018 midterm elections vote count for Broward County.

On election day 2016, Snipes and Broward County was mysteriously late to report their vote count.

Now in 2018, Snipes and Broward County appear to be up their old shenanigans once again.

According to a lawsuit filed by Scott Nelson, two days after voting has concluded, the Supervisor Of Elections is unwilling to disclose records revealing how many electors voted, how many ballots have been canvassed, and how many ballots remain to be canvassed. The lack of transparency raises substantial concerns about the validity of the election process.

We demand Congress remove Brenda Snipes from her capacity as Broward County Election Supervisor immediately.

Petition to Remove Brenda Snipes from Supervising the Broward County, FL Vote Count

This petition is now closed.

End date: Nov 30, 2018

Signatures collected: 12297

Signature goal: 15000

12,297 signatures
Latest Signatures
12,297 Tula E. She has goofed up too many times. There has got to be someone who is responsible to fill this position .
12,296 Donna D. She has to be removed!
12,295 Ro M.
12,294 Don H. Such a discrace to democracy and our country. I would hope that charges are pending for her illegal activity.
12,293 Sharyn P. This incompetent (if not corrupt) woman should not be allowed to dictate that she will stay and continue to be paid through the next 6 weeks !!!
12,292 Jame H. Jail time
12,291 Rita D H. Is time to put a stop to these
12,290 Julie C.
12,289 Carmen B.
12,288 Ron S.
12,287 Greg P. It’s obvious Brenda Snipes isn’t fit to represent her district!
12,286 Betty B. There should be a warrant out for her arrest!
12,285 William S.
12,284 Joanne G.
12,283 Israel M.
12,282 Susan R.
12,281 Oscar R. Disrespectful and tricky person.
12,280 Tyler S.
12,279 Hugo R. Must clean the house !!
12,278 Gary R. Vote Stealing is a Felony! Lock Her Up!
12,277 Carl B.
12,276 Dan Q. She should be arrested.
12,275 Martha G.
12,274 Scott G. Jail her and anyone like her! Throw away key...
12,273 Dori M. Criminals like this should not hold any kind of public office.
12,272 Kim P. She needs to be fired
12,271 Eduardo R. She has being doing ilegal things for years and It's a shame that you knew it and do nothing to get her out from there.
12,270 Lindita K.
12,269 Marilyn W. This woman is a disgrace to the office she swore to upheld..
12,268 Scott M. She is clearly a cheater and more then once


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