Petition to IMPEACH Ilhan Omar!

Minnesota congresswoman Ilhan Omar has repeatedly strayed beyond all boundaries of human decency.

Most recently Omar was caught on video downplaying the 9-11 terror attacks as “some people did something” in an attempt to defend the creation of Islamic terror-tied organization CAIR.

In addition, Ilhan Omar has made a series of disgraceful Anti-Semitic comments, calling Israel “Evil.”

In 2016, Omar wrote to a U.S. District Judge on behalf of a man convicted of trying to join ISIS, advocating for a lenient sentence. 

In 2017, Omar argued against a bill in the Minnesota State House to outlaw female genital mutilation, a sick and archaic practice.

Ilhan Omar’s pattern of conduct is a disgrace. We demand she be impeached.

Impeach Ilhan Omar from Congress!

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11,405 Vivian S. Charlotte
11,404 Carrie G.
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11,402 ivan s.
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11,400 Olivia C.
11,399 Gary D. Impeach Nancy pelosi also!!!
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11,396 Dorie D.
11,395 william D.
11,394 Pam N.
11,393 Jon C. San Diego
11,392 Patricia R.
11,391 Shannon M. Impeach NOW
11,390 Shannon I. We need this anti semetic anti American removed from office immediately. She has no good intentions for our country she is evil and we are endangered by her presence Impeach Ilhan_omar NOW
11,389 Calista C. Impeach Ilhan_omar
11,388 Connie S. Thank you for this petion and please renew 1940ish law that BANNED AND OUTLAWED these cult ridden sharia law muslimes
11,387 Kenny L.
11,386 Nancy B.
11,385 Jon & Kelly L. She needs to go
11,384 Steven B. She is anti law abiding nra and pro criminal ! she cannot comprehend enough english to understand a fraction of the bills she signs and supports . she claims law abiding citizens are to blame for everything that is wrong.
11,383 Marilyn P.
11,382 Annameria M.
11,381 Peter K. Saint Paul
11,380 EDWIN L. I signed many petitions and I believe that liberals are preventing them
11,379 Joe F. How this totally unAmerican got to Congress I don’t know but she has got to go and not with $174 thousand got life
11,378 Tom M.
11,377 Parker C. This is not Somalia
11,376 Mary G.