Demand Pelosi REMOVE Ilhan Omar from the Foreign Affairs Committee

February, in a series of tweets, Rep. Ilhan Omar implied that U.S. policy in Israel was being manipulated by financial incentives and AIPAC, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee.

This was hardly the first time Omar has pushed disgraceful Anti-Semitic rhetoric.

In 2012, Omar tweeted “Israel has hypnotized the world” and implied the close U.S. ally was “evil.”

As reported in Breitbart, Omar has previously mocked the idea that Israel is a democracy, comparing it to Iran and saying it should not be accepted as a “Jewish state” — then doubling down; and justified writing a letter to a judge in 2016 asking for a lenient sentence for nine Somali-Americans who were convicted of trying to join the Islamic State terror organization.

Instead of demanding an apology, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi watered down a resolution originally meant to condemn Anti-Semitism and instead argued that Rep. Omar’s suggestion that her pro-Israel colleagues have a dual loyalty to Israel and the U.S. was not “intentionally anti-Semitic.”

We demand House Speaker Pelosi immediately remove Rep. Ilhan Omar from the House Foreign Affairs Committee.

Latest Signatures
3,267 Lori R. REMOVE Rep. IIhan Omar for the House Foreign Affairs Committee Immediately!!!
3,266 Patsy S. It is obvious to me that Omar cares nothing about the American people and it is ridiculous to me Pelosi would appoint her to the Foreign Affairs Commitee. Pelosi herself should resign because of her poor judgement.
3,265 Pat B.
3,264 Linda F. Magnolia
3,263 Jose R.
3,262 Debbie B.
3,261 Robert D. Remove Ilan omar from house foreign affairs committee and Impeach her.
3,260 Linda D. Impeach Ilan omar and remove her from house foreign affairs committee
3,259 Ethel V. I think she is not representing our country very well and she needs to resign and I hope you do the correct thing and take her off the committee. You white washed her attitude before. You need to get a backbone and do the RIGHT THING
3,258 Melissa R. She Needs To Go.
3,257 Samantha M. Absoltely unacceptable from a congress member, and she calls the President a bigot! She's not very informed for being on the foreign affairs committee.
3,256 Thom W. GET RID OF OMAR! She doesnt deserve to be in our government!
3,255 Lisa M.
3,254 Pamela Z. Just do it
3,253 Jim S.
3,252 Helen L. Move her out of office
3,251 Carla S. Get her OFF !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
3,250 Eugene G. A Anti Semite Anti American
3,249 Mickey M.
3,248 Lori W.
3,247 Jeannine B. EDWARDSVILLE
3,246 Rick T.
3,245 Sandy M.
3,244 Arnie A. Remove IIhan Omar.
3,243 Connie W. Seems no one is honoring their oath to our country anymore she should never have been in. sealing of records is a big red flag just as done with Obama all know no reason for sealing unless something to hide. She has broken our laws, she has ties to terror groups and she hates Israel and has no business in foreign affairs I'm tired of our government letting unloyal people into office
3,242 Sandy W.
3,240 angela r. Take Pelosi too!!!!!
3,239 Vicky D. Columbia
3,238 alan l.