DEMAND Collusion Hoaxer Adam Schiff Step Down from the House Intel Committee!

Sunday, March 24th, Attorney General William Barr made it clear that after an exhaustive 675 day probe, the Mueller report clears President Trump of “Russian Collusion.”

For two years the hoaxer leading the incessant chorus of this now debunked smear was House Intel Committee Chairman Adam Schiff.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy has now called on Adam Schiff to step down and we at could not agree more.

Per TheHill, “[Schiff] owes the American public an apology,” McCarthy said in an interview with Politico. “Schiff has met the standard that he has imposed on other members of Congress of when they should step back from their positions.

“He has exceeded that standard, and there is no question he should step down from the Intel chairmanship,” McCarthy added.

Founder of Turning Point, Charlie Kirk writes “How can @AdamSchiff remain chair of the House Intel Committee? He knowingly leaked false information to the media. Lied about having “evidence” of collusion. Harassed the President’s family with zero justification for crimes they didn’t commit. He is unfit to be Chair!”

We demand collusion hoaxer Adam Schiff immediately step down from his position as chair of the House Intel Committee.

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893 Robert G.
892 George H. He has hung onto this without any evidence he purportedly said he had.
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873 Ronald S. If we didn’t want Trump as our Pres. a majority of us would not have voted for him. Because of someone’s personal hatred for him they’re trying to do anything to get him impeached. Kick the pencil neck out
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